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CandiDate was founded on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, so that our candidates can ultimately reach Self Actualization in life. CandiDate is taking a holistic approach at the way things are historically done. CandiDate has taken the craft of Recruiting and combined it with the art of Matchmaking. We use the same process and technique that we use to find someone a job, in finding them a date.

CandiDate is NOT exclusive to either service, but the idea is to fulfill the aspect of our candidate’s lives that has not been fulfilled yet, whether it is professional (job), personal (date), or both.

At the end of the day, our candidates are our main focus and working with the tech community in Philadelphia to attract, maintain, and build Philadelphia to be a place they want to work, play, and start their family.

What does this mean? Well, IF you are in the tech space and looking for a job OR you are in the tech space and are looking for a date, OR you are looking for both we are here to help. We are going to be holding fun tech events, and private mixers for our members, and free consultations so you can see exactly what CandiDate can offer you.

  • Amber Wanner
    Amber WannerFounder & CEO

    Prior to starting the company, Amber spent 4 years working with the Philly tech community, to find and deliver exceptional tech talent to growing companies.

    She founded the company on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with the goal to fulfill not only her candidates professional goals (jobs), but their personal goals as well (dates).

    She is passionate about providing her candidates with the best possible opportunities, so they can have a fulfilling career, and also have a fulfilling life outside of work.

  • Karin Wolok (Spiderwoman)
    Karin Wolok (Spiderwoman)Director of Business Development

    Prior to joining the CandiDate team, this Temple University graduate, has created and implemented marketing campaigns for some of the top individuals and companies in the world, launched a successful professional women’s network in two major cities in the U.S., and developed a consumer concert experience program for the largest global entertainment company.

    Karin prides herself in her ability to network and connect individuals – hence the name – “Spiderwoman” – creating a web/network of people.

    Karin’s personal and professional goals are driven by bringing success and positive energy to the lives of those around her.

    Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission.
    -Neil Kendall

CandiDate is an excellent recruiting firm! They have the ability to reach people others do not have access to and discuss their career goals and ambitions.
Working with CandiDate was an incredibly seamless and enjoyable process. Amber and Karin make a detailed effort of really getting to know you and keeps in mind your criteria for a new career.
In a market that has most recruiters overselling any candidate they can find, CandiDate is the exception. They showed the extra attention to detail that found me a job that is not only competitive, but also fit my personality and technical skill set. The hiring process was quick and reliable. Overall, this was one of the most pleasant recruiting experience I've ever had and I would recommend them to any professional.
Amber was instrumental to helping me land my first developer job during grad school. She went out of her way to learn about my personality and passions as an engineer before carefully arranging a series of interviews with the hottest startups in Philly and NYC. Unlike other recruiters that are solely interested in closing deals quickly, Amber strives for the ”right fit” for both her candidate and clients. Even after placing me with a great company, she follows up monthly to make sure I’m happy and things are going well. Working with Amber is like working with a trustworthy friend who continually looks out for your best interests.
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